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  • MedicaL lightING
    Surgical Lights, Examination Lights, MRI Compatible Lighting, LED Lights, and Custom Lighting Solutions.
  • TASK lightING
    Industrial, Marine, Assembly & Inspection, Home & Office, LED and Specialty Lighting Products.
  • Mounts & Leveling Feet
    Anti-vibration Mounts, Leveling Feet, Stainless Steel, Leveling Casters, and Specialty Products.
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Sunnex Group is a privately owned business group with about 20 member companies operating in the fields of lifting technology, lighting technology and medical & industrial equipment. The core business is centered around the Group’s own original products and brands.

The companies in Sunnex Group focus on select product categories and customer segments where existing competencies and business networks efficiently can create added value for the customer and bring profitable growth to the group.

Medical and Task Lights
Mounts & Leveling Feet
For information or to contact us about our lighting and/or mounts solutions,
please choose a location from one of the three categories listed above.